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Lily and Bryan

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Lily was a beautiful girl of about 18, Bryan, her beau, was of the same age. Lily, a mocha skinned, athletic, young lady with molasses brown eyes was coming home today. She had been in New Jersey, visiting family and participating in a softball training clinic to hone her skills. She had not seen her beau in nearly three months, and as she rested her head on the cool, double paned plastic window of the plane, her heart lept with joy. As the plane descended from the fluffy white clouds, Lily awoke from a restful sleep; she had dreamt of Bryan, her beau of nearly two years now, lying with her, surrounded by her beautifully endless sea of black curls as they rest in each others' arms. As Lily got off of the plane, she quivered as she resisted the urge to run to the train, riding down to the baggage claim area where he would be just as eagerly awaiting her arrival. When she stepped off of the train and rode the escalator to the fountain, her eyes searched desperately for his face. Suddenly, as the sea of faces parted, there he was. Bryan, tall, strong, and handsome, his red hair flaming like a beacon, welcoming her home, his warm smile, a set of dazzling white teeth flashing to her as he spots her. Bryan opens his arms in gesture for her, an invitation back into Betturkey the strong sense of love they both shared. She runs to him, dropping her bags at their feet as the two lovers embrace and kiss passionately. "I love you," she spoke breathlessly as they broke off.He smiled and hugged her tightly.

"I love you too," he whispered. Holding onto her hand, he took her bag and carried it out to the car. Her parents were both working today, so they had the house to themselves.

Lily bit her bottom lip, "Can you stay a while?" she asked, looking up hopefully as they entered the house. Bryan smiled and nodded.

"I've got all the time in the world for you," he replied. She nodded and they went into her room and sat down on the bed. The sun was setting outside of her window as they lay on the bed, her head on his chest and his arms around her. She looked up at him again, and slide slowly up to his lips, kissing him slowly, deliberately. They broke off for a moment and Bryan looked her in the eyes as he slowly toyed with the button of her jeans. Lily's breath caught in her throat a moment before she nodded. He unzipped her and she wiggled out her jeans, reaching for his and doing the same to him, stroking the fabric of his Betturkey Giriş boxers over his length. It grew hard from her touch.

Lily straddled Bryan as she slowly and seductively took off her shirt. Bryan's emerald green eyes sparkled and he reached a hand up to cup one of her breasts, moving his thumb over the material of the black laced bra that covered her nipple. Lily gasped softly and Bryan stopped a moment to take off his shirt. Lily's hands explored his body, massaging his hardened stomach as he unhooked her bra and released her breasts from their restraint. They responded to his touch, becoming stiff and peaking. While he massaged her left breast with his right hand, his mouth fondled her right nipple, his tongue working over it expertly.

Lily let out a soft moan of pleasure and began stroking Bryan's length over his underwear. She began playing with the waistband of his boxers. His hands switched breasts with his mouth as he worked the other nipple, getting it shiny and perky. Lily lost it when his unoccupied hand made its way down her body and reached into her panties, stroking her clit, causing it to throb and moving his fingers through her soft patch of curly black hair. She moved her hands around his boxers, taking out his member and sliding down his body slowly, her mouth sliding over his tip as she began to lightly flick her tongue over his head. It was Bryan's turn to express pleasure in the form of a sigh. Lily ran her hands along his member as she sucked on him, flicking her tongue every so often. His member began to pulse and throb in her mouth. Bryan moved his long fingers inside of her, hooking his middle and ring finger and moving them slowly in and out of her, gradually increasing in speed. "Oh god?" Lily whispered softly.

When they could both feel their need building, panties and boxers removed, Bryan gently guided himself inside of her, fondling her breasts with his hands, rolling her nipples in between his fingers. Lily rocked her hips, moving with a sense of passion, joy, love and urgency. Bryan thrust himself inside of her firmly but tenderly, rolling her on top of him and moving his hands to grip the back of her thighs. The soft rustle that could only be the sound of flesh on flesh was whispered, as the sweet scent of beaded sweat pooled and drifted around them, filling the night air with the smell of sex and love. At their peak, both expressed their climax in the form of an erotic moan. He came inside of her as she peaked; two bodies became one in a moment of unspoken, unbridled passion. The two relaxed, their breathing heavy and labored as she lay on top of him, his member still inside of her. Spent, they drifted off to sleep, lovers reunited.
06-09-2024, at 10:39 PM

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