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Adult Bookstore

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Adult BookstoreTonight was the first time I let another guy cum down the back of my throat while I was deep throating him and now I am hooked.I have been fagging off in bookstores for years. I have no idea how many cocks I have sucked or have sucked me. It is a lot, probably close to a thousand. As I get older I have found that I am less and less picky I will let nearly anyone suck me and I am almost as eager to suck just about anyone. Just the feeling of being a cock slut in a public place drives me crazy.I live in Arizona, so I have frequented establishments in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe. I have been to every bookstore in Tucson and on this night I wandered into a very well known establishment on Campbell road near the UofA. Over the years I have noticed a nice blend of older, younger and everything in between there. This establishment much like others has a video arcade and a private viewing area. The arcade is kinda a no go zone and is heavily monitored by the clerks. So not much activity there. The private viewing area on the other hand is pretty much anything goes. Men completely nude walking the small, dark hallway looking under the half doors. Most men leave the door half open to indicate they are looking to play.Tonight I was horny as fuck, being bisexual, I mostly seek out pussy and I have recently been fucking a very hot black girl, with one catch. She is married. Which hey, who am I to judge? Black girls love to fuck and this particular one is all about it. My plan is to get her involved in some sexy 3 ways with lots of bi play. I know for a fact she loves to suck cock while she is being fucked. Being as horny as I was my chocolate toy was not available tonight and if you are reading this you are probably bi too and know that overwhelming feeling you get when you haven't sucked a cock in a while. Well it had been a few months since the last dick was in my mouth, so I was very horny.It was evening and I left my house and drove to the nearest bank to get some cash. $22 dollars for a bottle of Rush, $7 dollars for the private booth rental and extra cash to feed the arcade as you can switch back and forth from the movie you rent to the hundred or so movies playing on the arcade.I entered the bookstore and paid for my pleasures and asked to use the restroom. The key to the restroom is connected to one of those old aluminium drop light shrouds, you know, the kind that clamp to whatever for extra lighting? I went into the restroom, took a heathy piss as I had been drinking a Voodoo Ranger on the way to the bookstore. I find it helps to grease the wheels if I have a bit of a buzz before dropping my pants and allowing another man to eat my dick. I then took a generous amount of tissue paper from the dispenser. I believe in cleaning up after myself. I exited the restroom put the clunky restroom key back on the counter, walked over to the door of the private area, inserted the key and opened the door. The booths were nearly all occupied and every single one had their door cracked open. I know instantly my dick was going to get sucked tonight. I entered my booth, let my eyes adjust to the darkness, put some money in the machine, unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants, unzipped and pulled my pants down past my knees. I took my hoodie completely off exposing my bare chest. Almost instantly, someone was opening my door. He was completely nude with the exception of shoes. He was early 40's, lean, beautiful ass and a nice shaved cock. He came into my booth and began sucking my left nipple as I stroked my cock. By this time I was fully erect. He moved from my nipple to my cock and began sucking me which felt amazing. I have found over the years is that most men are very good at sucking cock but occasionally I have encountered a few that are not. This sexy bastard was. He asked me to come to his booth as there was a bit more room than mine. I complied, I was shirtless with my pants down and walked over to his booth. He sat on the bench in his booth with his legs spread wide indicating he wanted me to suck him. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and got on my knees in front of him, cock rock hard, shaved balls and a clean eager ass I immediately had him in my mouth his dick was big, hard and pulsating. I was working his cock over like there was no tomorrow. I then unscrewed the top from my bottle of Rush and took a nice hit with my left nostril. Almost immediately the effect hit me which drove me wild for his cock i began deep throating him and toying with his ass he was groaning like an old wooden roller coaster. I lifted his huge balls and began rimming his tidy little asshole. He was in whore heaven. We went back and forth for about ten minutes me sucking him, him sucking me. He then turned his back to me and put both knees on the bench. Indicating he wanted me to fuck him. Without a condom, i declined. I did rim him from the back and stroke his cock, pulling it toward me and sucking him while he was positioned in that sexy doggie style pose. This went on for a few minutes when he politely asked to take a break. In bookstore speak that means get out of my booth and let me troll for the next willing participant. His objective was to have a cock in his ass and I respect that completely. Which he later found judging from the moans and pounding I heard coming from his booth shortly there after.After leaving this stud I opened a the door to the next booth, I was horny as fuck and wanted to play some more. This stud was nude as well. Tall, white, about 35 to 40 years old, nice hard 7 inch cock stroking vigorously. I showed him my cock and he lunged onto it with his wet mouth going up and down, taking as much of my 8 inch cock in his mouth that he could. As he was sucking me I took two huge hits of my Rush one into each nostril. I was horny as fuck with my cock pulsating from the shear sexiness and taboo of the situation. I then told him to lean back, I got on my knees in front of him and began sucking like a little whore. I took his entire cock into the back of my throat and he told me how much he loved it. I wanted to give this sexy stud as much pleasure as possible so I opened my throat and gobbled his cock tip to balls with each stroke. I took his cock out of my mouth, looked him in the eye and told him to shoot his load as far into my throat as possible. His exact words were "Oh my God man, yes, I will" I took another full hit of Rush and furiously sucked his cock and deep throated him with each plunge into my mouth. He moaned and groaned until he started to breath heavily and then between breaths he stated "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I am going to cum". I could feel him tensing up, and then BOOM! A huge load of cum was being pumped into the back of my throat. It felt so fucking good I was stroking my cock and I wanted to cum but I wasn't done, there were other men, in other booths to get to. I swallowed every last drop of this guys load. It had a bit of a harsh taste to it but I loved every drop all the same. I then pulled up my pants and as I was buttoning up he said "Thank you man, that was the best blowjob Ive ever had" He may have been placating me but all the same I was proud. I know I had pleasured his wanting cock to completion.I then went back to my booth, not much activity was going on so my plan was to jack off, cum and leave. I was meeting a friend of mine downtown in about an hour to go and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Fox Theater. Ironic I know, to be such a cock whore one minute and then go do something as wholesome as watching a Christmas movie with a friend.As I was stroking in my booth and watching some pretty good Shemale porn, I noticed another stud looking under my half door on my booth. I waited for him to open my door to get a look at him. Generally, if they are old and gross I will just wave them away and politely say "no thanks" most get the hint and move on. This guy was short, looked like an accountant, had glasses, slacks and a button up shirt. He looked clean and groomed so I invited him in. He bent down and began sucking me. He was a decent cock sucker and I was appreciative of his efforts. I was about to ask him to leave when he pulled out his cock. Beautiful 9" monster with the perfect amount of bend and a thick well defined head. He was rock hard and ready. I dropped to my knees faster than I could say "cum on my face" which the first thing I thought as his cock penetrated my mouth. I pulled his pants down to his knees so that I could get my hands on his smooth, muscular bubble butt. His balls were large and full and I couldn't wait to drain him. I was taking as much or his huge cock in my mouth as I could when I looked up at him and said "I want you to cum on my face" he was unsure if he should actually go through with that and asked me "are you sure man?" I eagerly replied: "I am completely sure, cum on your sluts face" he simply said "Okay"On my knees, hitting the poppers with each nostril about every ten strokes I was horned up and totally ready, both to have his load on my face and to release mine on the floor of this jack shack. At this point I was so horned up and well lubricated I was taking all 9" into my throat down to his balls pausing at the base so that I could feel him pulsate. Fuck it was hot. He was moaning, panting and thrusting his cock into my face as he stood before me. On my knees, stroking my cock he announced "I'm gonna cum, you want it on your face" (double checking my desire, which I appreciated) "Yes baby, come on your bitch" just as I said that he pulled his cock out of my mouth, furiously stroking his beautiful dick, I closed my eyes and waited for his release. The first stream landed on my forehead and left eye. The next powerful blast on my mouth. When I opened my mouth to taste him another blast went straight to the back of my throat, then a forth into my open left eye. I was covered in this beautiful mans jizz and I was in whore heaven. With his cum all over my face I took one more full hit of my poppers, waited for them to take effect, stroking my cock as he pulled up his pants, still on my knees, I shot my huge load of cum all over the floor. I pushed as much of his cum as I could into my mouth and swallowed it, which tasted oh so good. I then used my hoodie to clean up the rest. He thanked me and left my booth. I pulled out the tissue, cleaned up the cum on the floor and used the key (that is attached to a frisbee) to wave and dry up as much of the cum on the floor as I could.I left the booth, went into the restroom, washed my dick, my face and my hands. I left the bookstore with one of the most erotic homosexual experiences of my life. I knew I needed to document it and so here it is...I hope you enjoyed.
04-07-2021, at 10:48 AM

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