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Magda's Journey - part !

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Magda's Journey - part !Magda watched as the couple screwed up against the wall. No more subtlety than a couple of dogs on heat. Jeans pulled down and her top pulled up to show tiny breasts and a hairy muff. The bloke old with greying, greasy hair. Magda hoped that she had got the money before hand as she doubted this girl was a professional just desperate.Magda moved on to the place she was in the habit of sleeping in. An alley with a kitchen wall one side which meant that it stayed warm until early in the morning. Sometimes the staff going home would give her some left over food. It was a good spot for a homeless person. Normally a stronger man would get such a prime site but Magda still had her grandfather?s rowan wood walking stick. A formidable weapon in her hands that discouraged usurpers.Magda settled down in the duvet and blankets given to her by a charity worker. Some cardboard boxes provided protection from the wind. Not too bad tonight and at least it was March so getting towards spring. The young would be prostitute wandered by not looking happy so perhaps she hadn?t been paid. Magda ignored her and concentrated on being as warm as possible. A toff walked down the alley with a takeaway coffee in his hand, still steaming.?Here dear, I reckon you could use it more than I.? The coffee cup was proffered to Magda who didn?t say no to such gifts. ?Thanks mate that?s much appreciated.?The kind gent, said a pleasant goodnight as if they were acquaintances at his club and went on his way. The kind words were almost as appreciated as the coffee. Almost but not quite though. Magda settled down again sipping the warm liquid when she heard a scuffle. Two blokes had leapt out of a side alley and were mugging her benefactor who was not taking it quietly. Magda saw the flash of a knife in a street lamp. This is when she decided to wade in, rowan stick in hand.With the element of surprise and a good aim the knife went flying, as she did her best to break the attackers wrist. A second blow across his neck and he turned and ran. This was all the toff needed, one thug distracted, his fist went into the others stomach and he too scarpered.?Heavens, that was nasty, thank you my dear, are you unhurt?? he glanced down and saw the knife, a six inch wicked blade. ?Shit, I think you just saved my life.??Are you going to call the rozzers.??The dear old Met, what would they do other than make your life difficult. No, I am off home. Look you deserve a reward. If you will take a chance on a stranger, I will offer you a bed for the night and see what else can be done to help you.?Magda was surprised that such a up market gent would have the same low opinion of the capability of the police. Without doubt going with him was a risk, but staying here was more of one with those thugs still on the loose. Later they may come back and take their revenge,?I reckon I am a lot safer with you than here if those two come back.??Good point. Just grab anything valuable, I can replace the rest if ever necessary which it wone be.?The rest of the evening was a blur. First class ticket on the train and a journey out to Orpington. Then a posh Jag out into the countryside and a big house. Forewarned there was a luxurious warm bath, a light meal and a huge comfortable bed. It was the beginning of a journey for Magda that would take her places she had never dreamed of.Life hadn?t always been tough for her. Magda was half English, half Hungarian, with her father being something in the city she had gone to a private school when young. This changed when her father dropped dead of a stroke. Magda mother was not much good at being anything other than a house-wife so they struggled and a few weeks short of her eighteenth birthday Magda?s mother also died of some respiratory infection the hospital couldn?t cure. By now Magda had no resources left and was glad to move in with her boyfriend who was eight years older than her. They fucked like bunnies but the only thing was that Magda got little out of the sex. As soon as he came which was fairly quick, he dismounted and went to sleep, Magda was fairly sure that there was meant to be more to sex than that for the woman.After a while she just took to lying on her back and excepting his attentions. ?Lie back and think of England as she had heard it put.? The problem was that he didn?t like it and the end threw her out on to the streets. It was after a series of hostels and sleeping rough that she had ended up near Charing Cross.Waking in the morning was sheer luxury, warm and in a soft bed being naked without discomfort. It took Magda a few minutes to come to terms with the new situation. As she lay back a knock came on the door and a female voice called, pulling up the covers she said to come in. It was the woman who had looked after her last night when she arrived. Magda had not remembered her name but thought she was some kind of housekeeper.?Mr Frasier, was wondering if you would care to join him for breakfast but with the proviso you can eat here as you may not like the informality of the clothing.??What informality exactly???Well both of you will only be wearing bath robes, pretty normal for here, I only just got dressed but casual nudity is not everyone?s cup of tea.??No that?s fine, I would guess that the robe over your arm is for me??They went down the upstairs corridor, that showed how large the house. The housekeeper, Magda found out she was called Maggie Oastler, pointed out a girl doing the cleaning as Kirsten. All that Magda noted was that Kirsten had stunning red hair and a large bust. For that matter so did Maggie, it was enough to make you feel inadequate.Magda was shown into the master suite, a large corner bedroom with huge bed and a sitting area with table. Down some steps, only semi-separated from the rest of the suite, was a wet area with rain forest shower and huge tub. Magda imagined being made love too by Alasdair in the bubbling water. Somehow, she could not imagine him indulging in boring vanilla sex. Magda wondered if she would enjoy it screwing with this man. Hopefully it wouldn?t be a disappointment.Magda was brought out of her reverie by Alasdair asking if she preferred tea or coffee. Settling for coffee which smelt fabulous and was poured from a silver pot. As they ate Alasdair made a few suggestions about her future.?Look I cannot solve all the ills of the world, but I am very rich and I can solve some of them. In your case it seems only just and grateful to get you out of the situation you were in but the question is how best to do it. I will be honest now, clean and rested I realise that you?re a very pretty girl and I would prefer a solution that involves us seeing each other.??Are you suggesting I become your mistress.??Good heavens nothing quite that crass, not that I disapprove of such arrangements, for heaven?s sake, the girl who does my cleaning and serves at table for formal dinners only just stops short of selling her undoubted charms in exchange for presents. Working for me means she gets to meet the right men. That is fine but no that is not what I was suggesting. No what I had in mind was that for the time being you live here whilst we come up with a solution and I treat you like a member of the family. Incidentally my step sister is coming around later to take you shopping so you have a decent wardrobe. I hope you won?t object to a spending spree for your benefit.??I feel that I should accept if only out of politeness.?The grin in her face and ironic tone conveyed her true meaning and this caused them bot to smile. Leaving out the obvious advantages of warmth, comfort and good food this felt very pleasant in its own right Magda found that on second meeting she like this man even more than the first.?Believe me I can afford it and not notice. Eva will have fun and I like to indulge her, I have no natural siblings and our parents have been married long enough that we are quite close.?Eva turned up an hour later a bubbly but very sophisticated young woman, tall like Magda with a mass of curly rich brown hair in contrast to Magda?s which was long, blonde and straight. Spending spree was one word for it, orgy of purchase was closer. Eva guided the spending to include everything she though would be needed by a member of a wealthy household. Gorgeous dress for both day and evening, designer jeans, boots and shoes, sexy underwear and last of all a bikini of outrageous brevity.When they got back to the house Eva insisted they should go for a dip in the jacuzzi and that Magda was going to wear the tiny thong bikini. To be fair Eva?s was no larger and she wasn?t bothering with the top. Magda thought about the ways of the household and dispensed with her top too. In fact, she felt pretty sexy, more so than if she had been totally naked.In the warm, bubbling water Eva?s hand disappeared below the water and stayed there quickly a soft smile danced around her lips. Magda was pretty sure that this sophisticated an uninhibited girl was playing with herself. It turned on Magda, when she realised this and before she could think about it her hand slipped down and under the tiny scrap of fabric to start caressing her pussy lips. Magda must have had a similar smile on her face because Eve smiled even more broadly.?Have you ever tried being with a girl???No, but I think I am about to find out, OK I suppose this was the point of the exercise and I find I rather like the idea. Well at least I am curious.? Magda realised she was babbling because excited yes but also nervous. Nerves went away when a pair of lips gently touched hers in a very delicate kiss. Resisting the urge to pull back, Magda opened her lips slightly which encouraged a tongue to explore them. Opening her lips fully and extending her own tongue they were soon kissing wholeheartedly. A hand touched at her breast which Magda thrust forward to make access easier.Those tiny scraps of fabric were soon removed and a hand was touching her pussy. Now Magda was quite used to playing with herself so had no problem in reciprocating. By now they were making love with enthusiasm and lust. If Magda had been capable of truly rationale thought she would have agreed that she was into girls.They didn?t notice someone else walk into the leisure complex. It was the girl who did the cleaning, a pretty redhead, busty like Eva. Looking at the rutting couple she didn?t show signs of concern or disgust.?Blimey Eva, that didn?t take long. Was she a lezzie before you got to her? Do either of you mind if I join in?? This elicited a muffled ?no? from them both, as they were too busy with each other. Magda was having a very successful first attempt at carpet munching with Eva d****d over the edge of the jacuzzi which was fully sunk in the ground. Suddenly she felt her legs lifted and supported whilst a tongue entered her own pussy lips to do the same as she was doing. Not only her first lesbian experience but now her first threesome. Certainly, it was a lot more fun than anything she had tried before. This sex was both fun and exciting, perhaps the answer was that she was attracted to girls not men. When they had all had multiple orgasms, they lay back cuddling and chatting, the other two made it clear that they liked both men and women.Later on, that evening when the two girls had gone off to their respective homes, she sat down to a relaxed meal with Alasdair in a room that clearly served as both his personal dining and sitting room. It had a comfortable but old sofa and wing backed armchair as well as a table just big enough for four. Maggie bought in the main course and said she was leaving, desert was on the sideboard, this left the two of them alone together.Magda was wearing a silk blouse and smart slacks and felt stylish and suitably dressed, Alasdair commented favourably so clearly agreed. Even so Magda was a little nervous, did he know about this afternoons orgy and how would he react. After all, one of the participants was his step-sister of whom he was clearly fond. Still he looked quite happy and was chatting away about inconsequential matters, enquiring about her day and telling her about his at the office.The useful thing was that Magda learnt a lot more about him, Alasdair really was that rich having taken the substantial family fortune and turning it into a vast amount owning large chunks of companies both in the UK and elsewhere. They talked about one of those, the supermarket chain Christiansons, which was successful up to a point but just short of the big league.Alasdair clearly thought that whilst some of the directors were good on the whole they were not up to the job of the firm at its current size.?Whilst they were a smallish local group or rather several smallish local groups the board could handle it. But the mergers that created the current firm put them at a level beyond their competence.??When I still had money, I used to shop there by preference as they had a higher than average amount of fresh local produce particularly fish and meat. Having a butcher in each store is a good idea.??I agree and its one of the reasons I agreed to invest to help their expansion. They seem to have lost their nerve and are trying to change that and follow the other big boys but without their clout. They are talking about selling off their own farms.??No, the idiots, that is what sets them apart and encourages people like me to choose them.??You clearly feel strongly on the subject. That gives me an idea as to how to solve the problem of your future. How about you go as my personal representative to talk to staff and management in the stores. I am a firm believer in the people on the ground knowing more than the desk jockeys in head office. If you agree we can find out how they feel and it will give me ammunition to get things back on track which I strongly suspect is the kind of shop you want.??Blinking heck that is quite a task but I am confident I can do exactly what you want and would enjoy doing so. Thank you.??Well I can pay you a good salary and if you want you can stay here. I know that both Eva and Kirsten would be in favour, Maggie too if you like older partners.?At this Magda blushed deeply she had a pale complexion to go with her natural blond hair and when she blushed went a deep pink. That Alasdair clearly knew exactly what had occurred that afternoon was obvious, that he did not object was a relief.?Hey don?t worry it just means you fit in here. I am equally liberal and have slept with all three of them. Yes, even Kirsten who is not actually genetically related to me. Mind you I only sleep with genuinely consenting partners, I get quite a few volunteers probably in most cases because of my wealth.??I would have thought that in a lot of cases it?s because your charming and physically attractive as well as a kind person. That would be enough without the wealth.??Now it?s my turn to thank you because I always wonder, but that was so obviously genuine. Do you find me attractive???Goodness yes, the reason why I saw what was happening last night was that I was enjoying the sight of you wandering along.??Are you sure, you?re not just saying that? The thing is I find you attractive too. Very attractive actually.??For a powerful, attractive man you?re really quite diffident aren?t you. Look the attraction is mutual and I am not easily offended say what you want.??I said earlier that I was not propositioning you and that was true, but I wanted too. The job offer is genuine and holds regardless of your answer, but would you sleep with me tonight. I will be honest I am hoping you will become full time lover if things go well.??That sounds like a plan to me.?They were very civilised and relaxed about it. They had coffee and brandy, a very nice Armagnac as it happened, before going and cuddling on the sofa. They kissed a couple of times whilst sipping their drinks. Once they had both finished, they got down to some serious snogging during the course of which her blouse came undone showing the co-ordinating corset below. As the kissing progressed their hands travelled around each other?s bodies. Of came their trousers which in Magda?s case, revealed a matching thong. Alasdair proved adept at getting Magda?s boobs out of the top of her corset and he caressed them for a while before standing up and taking her hand. Alasdair lead her to his bedroom where they started kissing again, down came her thong and he lowered himself to start tickling the inside of her thigh with his tongue before moving up to do the same to her pussy. This drove Magda wild with a pleasure every bit as much as the one she had received from the girls earlier.Magda?s rosy red nipples stood out proud from her creamy coloured breasts, a sure sign that she was very excited as was her face blushing again but this time from lust. Having satisfied himself that she was very wet and well lubricated, Alasdair threw open the bed covers before lifting her into it and taking her. They made love in the missionary position but Alasdair held his body up so it gave her freedom to move. Also, nothing from her former experience had prepared her for this as he varied the pace and brought her to the peak of pleasure. A wave of ecstasy hit her so titanic that it was only afterwards that she realised that he had cum all over her tummy.As she drifted off to sleep, she remembered thinking what a change twenty-four hours had made in her life. Yesterday freezing on the street, tonight in a luxurious bed, with her lover.
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