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A sexy middle aged woman rides me

Post #1

A sexy middle aged woman rides meAfter watching Ana being fucked in a wild manner by her new brand black lover Shawn, we all got a quick shower and went to have some dinner out.I asked Anita if she wanted Shawn to come back home with us for the rest of the night; but she smiled saying that she needed to give her stretched sore pussy a break.The next night would be the last one for Shawn in the island; so Ana wanted to feel his dick again in her hot body. She was even thinking about giving up her tight asshole to him?After we sat down at the bar, a sensual middle aged woman asked if she could take the last stool. Of course I told her to be my guest.Once she ordered her drink, she introduced to us as Melanie and started to chat with us. She had come here just for a couple days with some bachelorette girlfriends.I could detect some hard accent, as she was from South Africa?When Shawn took Ana for some slow dancing after dinner, I told Melanie that I often let my wife to engage with other men for sex.She smiled, asking if Ana also allowed me to fuck other women? But I just could tell her that I was fully satisfied by having sex with my lovely wife. Melanie smiled back and held my hand, dragging me to the dance floor?I could feel her soft body pressing against mine as we danced.Once we were all back to our table, we ordered another round.Anita started describing Shawn?s black dick to Melanie. I could guess she was really interested because she kept licking her red lips. Finally my wife asked her if she would like to join us during the next evening at our cottage.The beautiful sexy woman smiled and said that she would be there. Then we all split out until next day.As we walked back to our house, Ana told me she was feeling jealous about Melanie; because she had seen me flirting with her?I told her that it was harmless, because this beautiful South African lady would have no interest in me. She would be interested more in sharing Shawn?s black dick with my horny sweet wife; as she had described it so well with full details?But Ana smiled back, telling me that I was wrong, very wrong... When we woke up the next morning, Ana begged me to fuck her and fantasize that she was Melanie. I got aroused at her proposal and found myself fucking her like I had not done in a long time?Ana asked me if it had turned me on.As I got close, I pulled out quickly and shot my seed onto her belly.Without taking a break, I spread Ana's legs wider and, and still imagining that it was Melanie, I began to lick her sweet filled pussy.As I built up the intensity, Anita was soon screaming out loud as an awesome orgasm swept her body up. As we recovered our breath, she talked about the day ahead and Shawn staying with us.Then Ana surprised me asking if I wanted to spend the night with that beautiful woman as she was fucked all night long with Shawn.I kissed her, saying that I would decide it later?Anita jumped off the bed and we had a quick shower together.Then she put on her tiny beige bikini; it barely covered her shaved mound and contained her dark erect nipples?She happily announced she was ready to go for a beach walk.During the late afternoon, sexy Melanie was the first to show up.I received her at the door and said she could join Ana at the back yard as I fixed some drinks for everybody.When I went out, Melanie was asking Ana what it felt like having her husband watch her getting fucked by a huge black cock.Anita just smiled, saying it helped to improve our sex marital life. It was just sex, pure wild sex and just this?Then Ana stood up and announced that clothes were not allowed in the back yard. She giggled as she stripped off her tiny beige bikini.Melanie looked blushed, but she did not doubt in taking off her top and lowering down her short skirt. She was not wearing a thong?She stood up fully naked, just standing on a pair of heeled sandals.Her sexy body was perfect; with petite tits and dark areolas. Her nipples were hard and her pussy looked freshly shaved bald. Her tight buttocks were firm and amazing.When I started to take my shorts off, Melanie smiled, as she saw my cock was already hard, as I watched her naked.I lay down on a chair and soon found Melanie's hand stroking my cock until it was rock hard. When it was fully erect, she looked over Ana and told her to move closer. She wanted my sweet wife to have a great view of my cock sliding into her wet tight pussy. My sexy wife bit her lip and she came closer to my lounge chair.Melanie crawled over and straddled my hips. She started kissing me and she rubbed her now wet pussy up and down my hard cock.She paused with the head of my cock right at her pussy and she slowly started to work me inside of her tight cunt. Soon she was going like a sewing machine sliding her pussy on my cock. I saw Ana masturbating furiously as she watched us.Melanie also rubbed her own clit as she moved her hips over me.Soon Anita moaned loudly as she came in a brutal climax, which put me over the top. I moved my hips to meet Melanie?s thrusts? All of a sudden I exploded deep inside of her sweet warm cunt.Melanie collapsed on top of me; then she slowly bit my lower lip as she told me that it had been something wild and amazing.The sexy middle age woman kept sliding onto me, until my still hard cock caused her a nice vocal orgasm. She cried out loud as crazy and then she collapsed again onto my chest. She smiled to Ana and started to stand up, pulling out of my cock.It was late and Shawn had not arrived yet.I smiled to myself, thinking the best was just to come?
04-15-2021, at 09:37 AM

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