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The guy at the bus stop

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The guy at the bus stopIt was about mid November, I had walked into a bus shelter to wait for the MTC To go to Minneapolis from downtown Saint Paul. There was another gentleman waiting in the shelter for the same bus, He asked me If I was waiting for the 21A in which I replied yes, He asked me how far was I going and I told him Minneapolis, He then asked me if I was going to meet friends or family in which I told him friends, after a bit of small talk the bus arrived and we both got on and like always I sat in the very back in which he followed and sat next to me as he continued on with the conversation. At some point he asked me if I had a girlfriend and I replied no, not really...I'm more into older people rather than k**s my age. At this point he was like older as in women? I told him yah I like the maturity of older men and women, he asked me if I have ever been with a man? I hesitated at first but the said sure, I've been with quite a few men. His eye's opened as he said really? You like cock? I told him i love sucking cock, I could tell he was getting aroused as he said you want to see mine? I told him heck yeah let's see as I watched him unzip his pants and pulled out a nice hard 7-1/2 plus and thick..I Immediately reached over and grabbed throbbing cock and began stroking it, I could hear him whisper oh fuck yeah. As I continued stroking his nice hard cock he reached over and unzipped my pants and reached in and began stroking my now throbbing cock as well. All I could think of is how I could bend over and suck that cock, he then asked me if I wanted to suck it and without reply I went down on that cock. His cock was so hard and felt so good in my mouth that all I wanted was him to shoot a load in my mouth. Seconds later he finally did and I swallowed every bit. When we were finished he asked me if I would like to continue this at his place which I told him yes. All we talked about the rest of the ride was what we like to do sexually. We finally got to his place, it was an impressive brick duplex built in the 1800s and was beautiful inside, we went up to his apartment and waisted no time, within moments of shutting the door i was unzipping his pants and on my knees sucking his big hard cock, I was getting more and more turned on the more I listened to him enjoying the way I was sucking his Dick. I really loved the way he grabbed my head and slowly fucked my mouth, He pulled that hard cock out of my mouth and tapped it on both sides of my face and then rubbed it back and forth across my face and then shoved it back in my mouth. I looked up at him as I sucked the head of his cock while swirling my tongue around the head of his cock at the same time, I could tell he was climbing the walls as I began sliding my tongue up-and-down his shaft and slapping his cock on my tongue. As I continued on I my way down to his balls and began sucking each of his balls one at time while listening to him get louder. After about 30 minutes of sucking that nice hard cock I finally got up and he said let's go in the bedroom. We both got undressed, I crawled up the bed and felt his hands grab my hips and pulled me twords him, on my knees I suddenly felt his tongue slip right between my ass cheeks, as his hands spread my cheeks apart I could feel his tongue digging deeper and deeper into my ass, OMG I was in total ecstasy. The more I screamed don't stop...lick my ass the more he licked and the deeper he got. After getting my ass licked for what seemed like an hour he flipped me over on my back and took my hard cock in his mouth, this guy was sucking the fuck outta my cock and my balls, as he shoved my knees into my chest he buried his tongue back into my ass again before sliding his big cock into my tight little ass. FUCK hi cock felt so good inside me and I made sure he knew it, As I grabbed his ass with both hands loudly I told him Yes! FUCK YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY HARD! and he did. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass while he fucked me and I was enjoying the fuck out of it. While my new fuck buddy was fucking the hell outta my ass he grabbed my young cock and was stroking my dick while fucking me good and hard until I shot my load all the way up to my face and chest, not long after he pulled that big cock out and shot his load all over my chest and face as well. Exhausted we both laid-back and and a breather. I told him that was awesome and I would love to do it more on a regular basis, I told him if he had some buddies I would love to be tag teamed by his friends, he told if I was up for it he could call a few friends over and we could do it some more. I was like hell yeah call them over. He made some phone calls and told me he had a few more guys coming over as we went into the shower and played a little more while cleaning up.About an hour later four of his friends showed up, I was so excited as I love love love sucking multiple cocks. As th guys began showing up my anticipation for sucking cock was going through the roof, three of the guys were there and I was sitting on the couch with one of the guys, he asked me if I was ready to suck his cock while he was unzipping his pants, I told him yes I am as he pulled his pants off and I went right to town sucking his big cock for him, I could feel hands pulling my pants off as another guy began sucking my young cock, one by one the guy stripped off their clothes as I took turns sucking their cocks. The guys made a circle as I got on my knees and had a cock in each hand and one in my mouth as the guys took turns shoving their cocks in my mouth, I was enjoying the feeling of different cocks in my mouth as I sucked pleasured each one of them and turned on by listening to the enjoying their blow job by this young k**, it was time to make our way to bedroom, the guys were talking turns fucking my little ass while taking turns sucking my cock and me sucking one cock after another,At one point I could feel my cock and my balls being sucked at the same time while getting my ass fucked good and hard, while getting my dick sucked and my ass fucked at the same time the cock I was sucking was getting close to blowing a load, I could hear him saying I'm gonna cum as he shot a nice big load in my mouth as I continued sucking and listening to him get in my mouth, I could feel another cock stop while in my ass as I could feel his cock throb in my ass while shooting his load, multiple cocks were shooting loads in my ass as multiple cocks were shooting their loads in my face and mouth, these guys were shooting more than one load and I was loving it. I couldn't get enough. I had not shot my load yet I looked over at my new friend who was sucking his buddies cock, I made my way over to him and lubed my cock up and slid my cock in his tight ass and fucked his ass too, his ass felt really nice and warm as I fucked that ass until I finally shot my load in him.Throughout the evening I sucked their cocks a few more times as a couple of the guys chose to fuck my ass a second and third time which was really awesome. I enjoyed the evening as they did, we made it a regular thing for a long time. Five guys five cocks to use me any way they wanted. Couldn't ask for more.
04-15-2021, at 09:37 AM

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