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Once in Egypt

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Once in EgyptThis story is a few years old. And please bare with me on my spelling.we where on our first holiday travel together and the trip went to Egypt the first few days we where doing almost the same that everybody else sunbading relaxing from the cruel reality.the third day, we decided to take a trip out in the desert, you can take a trip with a guide on your side, but you can still drive your rental car/jeep.after a couple of hours out in what I would say in the middle of nowhere, we came across a small tribe, nomads is the right word.we Where invited to sit down and have a cup of te.during this moment I could see that one of the nomads was looking a lot on my wife, and between the looks he was talking to our guide.the time was around 1930 and the darkness was closing was time to go back towards the city.I was sitting with my wife talking about this great day we just had.when our guide approach us with a sad look on he?s face.sorry to say but something is wrong with our car,I will not start. I asked him if he have any cloue on what?s wrong with our car.He said no. And he had talked with the his company and it would take them about 4 hours to come to our he talked with some nomads in the tribe, and we where invited to stay for dinner.then an old woman comes towards us with a few cups in her hands.after her this nomad ho had look so close on my wife comes along with a clay bottle in he?s hands a he was filling our cups to the top, I have no idea what it is? but it is strong.after this first cup I was felling not drunk, but a little doozy.Then came the food some kind of meat an vegetable.during the meal they where filling our cups once again.the suddenly I was just our guide and about 3-5 men around the campfire.This man ho had look so close on my wife, was talking with our guide and it sounds like he?s angry.after a few minutes our guide turns towards me, and say to us both.that he wants to see my wife?s breast..just this day my wife had just a simple dress on her. My wife said no right away.and that was it. We both thought.the the next refill where on the way.after this refill, I just now that something was wrong. I look at my wife?s eyes and it was like she?s was in a different place.I got quite mad at our guide, and told him that he may start to run now.He looks at me and says this is there way to drink, and its made of things from nature.the next moment I can hear my wife calling for me. She is in that moment pulling down her dress over her breasts.I walking towards her asking what hell she is doing.and she replies they just want to see my breast.and then her dress falls to the ground, and the nomads can see her piercings in her nipples.from that moment nothing was as usual.5 men walks over to my wife,once there they are pulling her piercings and as always I can see her nipples gets of them turns to our guide and asks him something, he turns to my wife and asks if she has any more piercings.she replies that she has three more.the guide tells the nomads what she just told him.and they reply, can we see them?my wife turns to me with a smile in her face.what do you say?can I let them see the rest?I can just say to her that this is your decision, do you feel like it go a head.I love my wife and we have a great sexlife, but I do not own her.she walks away towards the campfire.and on her way she lets her pants fall down.once close to the fire she lays down, spreading her legs and her pussy and piercings are visible to all around us.the first man sits down beside her, points at her clitoris and the metal ring there.then he takes his finger and starts to pull the ring.I tell the guide to ask them to be careful.but that was to late,from 2 meters away I can only see my wife gets three fingers up in her vagina.within a few minutes her first orgasm comes.that was like a start signaling, the first man pulls down he?s pants and out comes a huge cook,it was more thick then long.he spreads her legs as far as it goes. Then he lays down on her and stear he?s cook in my wife?s pussy.his cook is so thick, and I can hear my wife morn of pain.he starts pumping in and out, then suddenly he stops and pulls out.and turns around and laying down on he?s back.then my wife sits down over he?s cook,slowly she goes down over this cook.this moment I pulls out my camera and starts filming.for ten minutes I can see my wife have sex with a nomad.then suddenly I can see how she?s freezing stil.she turns to me and says he just came in me.she stands up and just that moment a huge load of cum I visible on her legs. I say to her what do you want do?in that second three others men walks over to her.and by the look in their eyes they wanted the same as the first for the next hour, All that I could do was to see my wife have sex with this nomads.she gave one man a blowjob. During another man was inside her.even our guide gets a pice.after one hour, they were suddenly all done.My wife is on the ground with her legs spreading wide, I can see loads of cum pouring out of her pussy.her pussy was so open that I could put my hand in of her piercings,the one on her left pussylipp was thorn away,so she was bleeding just a little bit.but stil, she had her first fountainorgasm.And luckey she was not pregnant after this.It took about a week before her pussy was ok.
04-15-2021, at 09:37 AM

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