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The Assault on Fortress Linda

Post #1

The Assault on Fortress LindaI published the story of Linda getting fucked by a BBC for the first time, but never went into the details of how it happened. This is how it went.I had two work buddies. Dave and Shakey. Dave was a medium built white guy, and less than a week after I started living with Linda He went to the house and met her. She gave him some pussy, and, the same day, he met her Aunt, who was 3 years older than Linda Hong was a ripe OLD 21 years of age. She and Dave hit it off right away, and soon after he started living with her. Their apartment was next to ours, so he saw Linda and I saw Hong completely naked every day.Shakey was new to the unit, having signed in 4 days after I did. He was a black guy (Brother) that had come from a unit in the Central Highlands after receiving his 2nd Purple Heart. He was joking(?) at me about not helping him find a steady girl, and I asked Mai, who lived just around the corner of the building from our 2 apartments. She was around 30 years old, but VERY pretty. She was the kind of girl whose curves have curves. She was always cheerful, and best of all, she loved being fucked by BBC. She was also VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! I told her I had another friend that wanted to find a girl to visit. She was THRILLED, and told me to bring him to meet her as soon as possible. She offered me the same "Finder's Fee" that Hong had offered me. Unlimited access to her wet, hot pussy, with initial "payment" due immediately.2 Days later Dave, Shakey, and I went to the apartments so Shakey could meet Mai. She answered the door as naked a a jaybird, having seen him out the window, which we passed getting to her door, and stripping her shift off. He got a good look at her as she pulled him inside, and began stripping him. His only comment before becoming involved with what he called the hottest fuck of his life, was "WOW!!!" He later (MUCH LATER) told us she made him fuck her 4 times before he got up to go to the latrine. Dave and I spent the rest of the day with our two girls, during which we both fucked both girls several times. Dave and I were both 20 at the time, and Shakey was 19. Linda was 18, and Hong was 21. Linda was also the youngest girl in the apartments. Next to her in age was Thaoi. She was 19 (barely) at the time I met her. We had to conduct guard mount at 5:00 (1700) so we went to work at 4:00. (1600) We, as usual, talked about the girls while we did the job, and Shakey asked when HE would be allowed to fuck Linda and Hong. We explained that neither had ever been fucked by a BBC, so it was something we would have to work on. Dave and I had both fucked Mai several times in the past, so we understood how it made him feel not to have the same access that we did. We started planning (plotting) a course of action. Shakey had seen both of the girls completely naked several times in the first few days of him staying with Mai, so he wanted them all that much more. Both were sexy, and VERY beautiful. He often spoke about wanting to plow their south 40. He was ALSO aware that both of them refused to have sex with someone who was wearing a condom.The first thing we tried was he came to the house when he knew that I was fucking Linda, or that Dave was fucking Hong. He would, as silently as possible, come to stand next to the one he had in his sights, and whomever would pull back and he would attempt to move into the vacant hole. Both of the girls, it seemed, had radar or some early warning devise. They would avoid him every time. We tried several other ploys, but none of them worked.After a time, we checked the schedule, and discovered that all 3 of us had a rare weekend off. We would get off duty at 6:00 (0600) on Friday morning, and not be scheduled to return until 6:00 (1800) on Sunday night. We discussed different plans to accomplish our stated goals. To get Shakey some pussy from Linda and Hong. We finally decided that we would purchase some alcoholic beverage, and the proper(?) mixer and try getting them drunk enough to at least not object too strongly. We DIDN'T want to assault them. Just fuck them.The day before our weekend off, we went to the PX and bought a 5th of Vodka. The only thing we could find for a mixer was RC Cola, so we bought a case of that. MPs and Guard vehicles were NEVER checked so we took the Guard truck down that morning, with our purchases. We had told the girls that we wanted to take them to the R
04-06-2021, at 10:04 PM

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