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Beach Sex

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Beach SexThe sun broke through the mid-morning haze as Brandy and I made our way over the dunes and toward the beach. For the last couple days, we had been camping at Watch Hill Campground on Fire Island. It's a beautiful place, well removed from the hectic pace of the city. Unfortunately, the campsites are placed so close together that we haven't had much privacy in this otherwise intimate setting, a reality that proved insufferable last night.This was my only grievance as we traipsed over the dunes. Actually, I traipsed; Brandy moved across the sand with grace and a little flaunt. Like a skilled belly dancer, her hips swayed from side to side in a fluid, hypnotic motion. My eyes fixed on the floral print of her sarong; the tautly pulled wrap accentuated her tight waist and curvy hips. I could faintly see the two symmetrical lines of Brandy's string bikini bottoms, which arched salaciously over her cute little round ass.Just as I was beginning to salivate, Brandy looked over her shoulder at me. I raised my eyes to meet hers. At first, I was struck by how well she had tanned over the first half of the summer. The contrast between her dark skin and light blonde hair was stark and her eyes took on a brilliant shade of sea green. Her exotic eyes, however, seemed to be scolding me for staring at her ass, while the poutiness of her gorgeous lips added a naughty schoolgirl quality to her sexy glance. As we stepped from the dunes to the beach, Brandy paused to scan the shore for the ideal patch of sand. I stopped right behind her, dropped the cooler, and nonchalantly set my hands just above her hips. I lightly pressed my thumbs against the small of her back and wrapped my fingers around the sides of her waist. She arched her back so that her shoulders came to rest against my chest. I set my lips on her sun-warmed shoulder and softly kissed my way toward her neck. "Mmm," she purred, as I gave her waist a squeeze and pulled her toward me, until I could feel her butt pressing firmly against my trunks.After a few seconds, I saw the corner of Brandy's mouth turn up before she turned her head toward me. "Am I exciting you," she asked, in a playful though somewhat cocky tone."Ah... no more than usual," I stammered. "Really, so is that not your big beautiful cock pushing against my ass," she teased"I'm totally not hard. Little miss potty mouth," I jeered back at her.In fact, I was only at half mass, but, evidently, Brandy felt that this was a debate she needed to win. She raised both hands above her head, bent slightly at the knees and started to work her sexy ass in small rhythmic circles. Then, as if she was moving to 50 Cent's "Justa Lil Bit," Brandy began rotating her hips from side to side and then up and down. After a few blissful seconds, she steadied herself against me and slid her body down mine: her right arm fell back against my neck, her shoulders moved slowly down my chest, and her ass eased down my grateful member. She paused, started to rotate her hips again, and slowly slid back up, like she was shimmying her way up my hardening pole.Once she was all the way back up, Brandy reached down and grabbed both of my wrists. Her legs straightened, she leaned forward, arched her back even further and pushed out her butt. She pulled me firmly against her ass and tossed her head back. Slowly, she began to lean forward. As she did, my eyes moved up her curvaceous figure: from the soft sweeping vase-like shape of her hips and the cute dimple in the small of her back, up the long sexy arc to her delicate shoulders. Once her arms were fully extended, I watched in bliss as Brandy did a seductive little waggle ? shifting her weight from one leg to the other. She glanced over her shoulder in the most lascivious way, and bit her bottom lip. I pulled back on her arms and pushed into her. "ohh," she gasped, teasingly, as if I were easing my cock deep inside her. "Tell me you're not dying to fuck me," she demanded, with a devious glimmer in her eye. I was speechless. Brandy flashed me a victory smile, dropped my arms and continued to lead us down the beach. She settled on a small sandy cove, formed by the dunes, which partially obscured us from the sunbathers that speckled the beach around us. "A bit more secluded than the showers," Brandy said with a wink, while I stretched our blanket across the sand. I then placed the cooler at the edge of the blanket, further obstructing our view of the others on the beach."Ha, yeah," I laughed, recalling the events of last night.On the previous evening, after a late dip in the ocean, Brandy and I took a shower together at the campground's facilities. Although each shower room had a separate door, the walls stopped two feet before they reached the ceiling; we could hear a couple other showers running and even some guy whistling.Undeterred, I leaned in for a long passionate kiss. To my delight, Brandy was more receptive than I had anticipated. Her mouth opened effortlessly, allowing me to suck on her soft full lower lip. When I opened my mouth and set my lips on hers, her tongue slowly penetrated my mouth and was soon sliding provocatively over the top of mine. As we continued to kiss, I reached behind her and untied her top. Once our lips parted, I lifted the two triangles off her magnificent breasts and up over her head. When I turned back toward Brandy, after hanging her bikini on the hook, she was looking at me with a provocative sparkle in her eye and a confident little smirk. Her shoulders were pulled back, her chest was pushed out and she was twisting from side to side. Brandy knows that I think she has the world's best breasts. They're not huge ? between a B and a C cup ? but they have a perfect tear drop shape. She uses them mercilessly to tease and taunt me. Without breaking eye contact, she grabbed the liquid soap and squeezed a generous amount into my out stretched, cupped hands. I reached for her shoulders, and then ran my soapy hands around the outside of her beautiful mounds. For several minutes, I caressed her body and massaged her breasts. Brandy's face filled with passion as I rubbed my hands around her well-lathered bosom and fondled her nipples with my slippery fingers. A second later, I felt the palm of her hand on my trunks, sliding down the length of my shaft. I looked down at my topless hotty ? two sexy, well-defined lines running along the sides of her abdomen, her cute bikini bottoms with a string that tied high on her gorgeous hips, and her left hand gripping my dick through the fabric of my shorts.Brandy mouthed, "I love your cock," as she slowly pumped her hand up and down my rod. I pulled her close ? until I could feel her slippery breasts against my chest ? and then kissed her lips. She reached between us with her right hand and unsnapped my trunks. Her mouth opened wider. I teased her tongue with the tip of mine as I heard the Velcro fly being pulled apart. My shorts dropped to the floor. I felt the palm of Brandy's hand underneath my cock. She folder her fingers over the top of my tool and pumped her hand up and down my shaft. She then started to rub the head of my dick against the thin fabric between her thighs.I reached for the soap and pored it generously over my dick and Brandy's hands. Within seconds, she was giving me the best hand job of my life. Her soapy hands deftly worked their way up and down my now throbbing cock. She alternated, sliding one hand all the way down my shaft and then slipping it back up and off before the other hand followed suit. She lathered my balls with soap and massaged them with her left hand as she pumped my manhood with the other.With her hand gliding smoothly, like a piston, over my soapy rod, Brandy gazed seductively into my eyes. She held the look for several minutes. Occasionally, she would grin devilishly or suggestively bite her lip, but her lust-filled eyes remained locked on mine. The whole time Brandy stroked my cock she was fucking me with her eyes, and god can she fuck. With that familiar stirring building in my balls, I looked down to avoid an otherwise inevitable eruption. But, knowing that I couldn't take much more, regardless of where I was looking, I opted for a distraction: I reached out and pulled one of the strings on Brandy's hip that held her bikini on. The upper left corner of the triangle flopped over and the bottoms dropped about an inch before she caught them. "Why do you always do that? Now I have to re-adjust them the next time I wear this bikini," she half complained, and then playfully hit me in the shoulder with her other hand.I whispered: "Because it's so hot. Plus, it initiates a Pavlovian response: untying the string makes my mouth water. First I see your naked hip, then your sexy tan lines, and finally I get a partially obstructed view of your neatly trimmed bush. Now all I can think about is kissing and licking and sucking your tasty little pussy." Brandy looked more than appeased.I squatted in front of her, with my back to the wall that separated us from the empty, adjacent shower room. She let your bikini bottoms drop, exposing a small rectangle of hair and two soft supple lips. I put my arms around her and caressed her ass as I planted small kisses on and to both sides of her landing strip then down her thighs. She sighed, and soon her hands were running through my hair, coaxing me down toward her juicy tender peach, which was becoming swollen and moist with anticipation.I looked up into Brandy's lusty eyes and then softly kissed her pussy. Again, she sighed. With my thumb, I gently pulled back one of her lips and slowly ran my tongue along its slick, pink inside. Her legs bowed slightly and with a hand full of hair, she leaned into me. Unsatisfied with the angle, I picked up Brandy's right foot and set it on my shoulder. She pushed off my shoulder and, with both hands, grabbed the top of the wall separating the two shower rooms; she then planted her left foot on my other shoulder.I tilted my head back. Then I closed my eyes and waited anxiously for Brandy's delicious wet box to press down against my face. First I felt her lips drag across my nose, the intoxicating scent of her pussy caused my salivary glands to pump saliva into my mouth. When her lips finally settled against mine I gave them a gentle kiss before opening my mouth and parting them with my tongue. They separated effortlessly and I leisurely licked my way through her wet canal, lapping up her delicious pussy juice with delight. Brandy started to rock back and forth against my face. To assist in this effort, I reached up and palmed her ass with both hands. I pushed up and brought her closer to my face as I licked my way up and down her sexy little slot. While enjoying my tasty treat, I heard Brandy trying to suppress her moans. She's normally quite loud, so I'm sure this was tough for her. She began to squirm, rock and buck against me to keep from screaming. But her whimpers, gasps and suppressed moans were becoming more audible and more frequent. I squeezed Brandy's ass with both hands and positioned her clit against my mouth. I started to tickle and tease her love button with my tongue. In response, she reached down, grabbed a handful of my hair, and started to grind erratically against my face. I heard Brandy gasp when I opened my mouth and began to suck on her clit. After a few seconds, she started to moan out loud, and we both soon noticed that the man in one of the other showers had stopped whistling. Realizing that we had gotten a bit carried away, we dried off and made our way back to our tent. As I sat in the beach remembering these events, I continued to laugh to myself. The truth of the matter was that I was just as frustrated as Brandy that we couldn't cut loose in the shower or back at the tent. I was dying to hear her scream out in ecstasy; I was dying to..."Whatcha thinking about," Brandy asked. "Nothing," I said, unable to suppress a telling smile.I was on my side, in a reclined position, just admiring the view. Brandy sat in front of me and slightly to my right, with her back to both the water and the few people lying within eyeshot. She was sitting flat, on her knees, with her legs bent underneath of her. Her hands were resting on her thighs, which jetted out in a Y-shape, toward me. And, as usual, she maintained very sexy posture: her shoulders were pulled back a couple inches behind her hips, her chest was pushed forward and her back arced seductively down to her thin waist. "Liar," she accused, in a light but confident voice.I didn't look up, but knew exactly which flirty, playful look I would see if I did. Instead, I continued to scan her body with my eyes."Perhaps a little of your favorite eye candy will inspire you to share your thoughts," she teased. With that, Brandy leaned forward, ran both hands up the side of her body and cupped her breasts. With two fingers hooked around the inside corner of each triangle, she slowly started to pull back the fabric. Just as her areolas where unveiled she paused.Her eyes were big and wide; her mouth relaxed. She feigned innocence as she proudly pulled her bikini all the way back around the outside of her breasts. With her gorgeous rack on display, the innocence evaporated from her face and she gave me her patented 'don't you just want to fuck me u*********s' look.Brandy raised a finger to her mouth and started to play with her full, round bottom lip. She leaned forward a bit more and shook from side to side; her breasts bounced like two well-filled water balloons.With a satisfied look on her face, Brandy lifted her bikini back up and over her breasts. "Whatcha thinking about now," she asked.I acquiesced."Well, I was remembering how last night in the shower you slid your tasty little pussy back and forth against my mouth and how badly I wanted to make you scream out in ecstasy, how I wanted to feel your body start to spasm as you came hard on top of my face. But now ? after your little show ? I'm fantasizing, in vivid detail, about you easing your perfect body up and down my cock.""I can picture your bottom lip quivering as you slowly lower yourself down my long, hard thick tool. Then you lift yourself all the back up, so I can see the ridge of my dick head before you ease down the entire length of my shaft. Your shoulders become relaxed and your head rolls back. With one hand on my thigh and the other behind you, massaging my balls, you start to work your hips back and forth. Each time you slide your hips back, your lower back arches and you push out your phenomenal breasts.""Gradually, you begin to bounce up and down. Your soft, sexy moans become louder, more frequent and less controlled. Your perfect breasts sit firmly on your torso, quickly bouncing back to form after you plunge yourself down on top of me. Oh, god, I love the way you fuck me," I admitted.Brandy's eyes danced with excitement. "Mmm, that was good," she said before pressing her soft warm lips to mine. "That deserves a treat. Can I get you something from the cooler," she asked."No, I'm good," I replied, slightly confused. Brandy sat up, reached under her sarong, and scanned the beach to ensure no one was looking. She quickly untied her bikini bottoms, pulled them out from under her wrap and dropped them on the corner of our blanket.She shot me a mischievous glance and then turned toward the beach, putting her left then her right hand on the blanket in front of her. Brandy slowly crawled toward the cooler, which was just off the edge of the blanket, about 7 feet in front of us.As she moved across the blanket, her ass ? which was only two-thirds covered by the sarong ? swayed captivatingly from side to side. Once she got to the cooler and reached inside, she raised her shoulders and lowered her back. Her wrap slid even higher on her ass, fully exposing her delicious little love box. I watched intently as Brandy fished around the cooler. "James, is there anything you want? ...I there something that you would like to eat? ...Perhaps my peach," she asked, looking back at me while holding up a peach. "It's dripping wet and I bet it tastes real good," she added with her best "don't ya want to eat my juicy peach" look.Without losing a beat, she spun around and sat facing me, with her back to both the cooler and the annoying beachgoers ? who, thankfully, were becoming fewer and fewer. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread out in front of her. My heart skipped a beat when she pulled her sarong high up around her thighs, flashing me a great view of her sweet little pussy. After a few seconds, she set the peach down on the blanket, right in front of her crotch. "You like to look at my peach, don't you," she asked with a grin. I laughed, but was totally floored by Brandy's teasing."Of course; your peach would take best of show at the Georgia State fair," I assured her. "But is it really as wet as you say?"Brandy shook her head yes; then she put her left hand behind her and leaned back. With her other hand, she grabbed the peach and started rubbing it against her pussy. She moaned, half teasingly, but it seemed that the peach felt better than she had anticipated. After a few seconds of pleasuring herself with the fruit, Brandy flipped the peach around and raised it toward me. "Do you want a taste," she asked. Grinning, I rose to me knees and made my way over to her. She held out the fruit for me to take a bite. The peach had a faint Brandy scent. I bit in. "Mmm, it is juicy." Brandy dropped the fruit, pulled me toward her and sucked the juices from my bottom lip before giving me a deep flavorful kiss."Can I have another taste of your peach," I asked. Brandy leaned back against the cooler; with a wanton look about her, she shook her head up and down. I looked to see if anyone was watching us. To my delight, there was now only one couple within view. Casually, I dropped my head between Brandy's legs. Her pussy was a vibrant reddish-pink color, her clit swollen and partially exposed. Her lips were moist and lay open, clearly waiting to be feasted upon.I kissed my way up the inside of Brandy's thigh and around the outside of her labia. She moaned softly and started to run her hands through my curly hair. I continued, planting my mouth over the small sexy patch of hair and then back down the darker skin of her outer lips. Dying to taste her, I stuck out my tongue and gently licked the inside of one of her glistening pink folds. Brandy gasped and her body started to tremble. I paused, and then slowly licked my way up her wet slot, to her clit and then back down.Her grip on my hair tightened. I wrapped my hands around the sides of her upper thighs and pushed her legs back. I couldn't get enough; I started to slide my tongue in and out of her vagina. Brandy brought her knees up and set her feet on my shoulders, so I could push deeper into her soft love cannel. She pushed down on my head and began to slide her pussy back and forth on my tongue.I lifted my mouth from her honey pot and began to run my tongue up and down her pussy. "Oh god, you taste good," I managed, before taking one of her soft pink lips into my mouth. I sucked and rubbed my tongue over it and then did the same with the other. Soon, my tongue was circling her clit. Brandy's moans intensified as I started licking back and forth, over her pleasure knob. I took her clit into my mouth and continued to pet it with my tongue. Her body began to tremble again.I backed off a little, but then started to massage her vagina with the tip of my index finger as I continued to suck and lick her pussy. Soon, I was gently sliding my finger in and out of her. Brandy was getting visibly excited. I massaged her clit with my tongue as I rhythmically eased my finger in and out of her pussy. Her moans got louder; her body began to shake and shudder. I was in ecstasy, I didn't want to stop, but thought I should peek up at the remaining beachgoers.When I lifted my head up, I saw that the other couple was stirring, but not paying us much attention. I bent forward to kiss Brandy, who took my bottom lip and then my tongue into her mouth, sucking them both thoroughly. "Mmmm, I do taste good," she said with a sexy glance.I pressed my lips back to Brandy's and engaged her in a long hot kiss. While our tongues danced provocatively in our mouths, she undid my fly and reached into my trunks. I was rock hard: my dick was throbbing, the head bulging. When Brandy slid her right hand down my rock hard shaft, I moaned, involuntarily, into her mouth. It felt so good; my tool was so sensitive to her touch. She worked my shorts down my thighs and continued to stroke me as our deep kiss continued.After our kiss, I looked back at the couple. "Are they looking at us," Brandy asked, my dick still in her hand."No, they're standing now, but not really looking at us," I explained."Scoot up," commanded Brandy. I did, lifting one foot as she slid my shorts off that leg. Soon I felt a hand squeezing my bare ass and coaxing me forward; next, I felt Brandy's soft wet tongue on my balls while she continued to stroke me off with her other hand. With my arms resting on the cooler, I watched the beach couple as Brandy feverishly lathered my nuts with her saliva."Oh god, that's nice," I blurted out when Brandy opened her mouth and started to suck on my sack. "Mmm, your plump juicy g****s are almost as tasty as my peach," she said and then continued to suck on my balls."G****s!" I joked. "Oh relax," she shot back. "You know you have a huge fucking cock." "Speaking of which..." she said as she pushed me back a bit and re-adjusted herself. Gently, Brandy teased the underside of my cock with her tongue. Like a small wet feather, she licked her way from the base of my shaft up to the top. I felt her warm palm cradle my balls; her fingers tickled the back of my scrotum as her full, moist lips closed over the head of my cock. Her lips slipped off my dome and she kissed the tip before easing half of my manhood back into her warm wet mouth. I looked down at Brandy. She stared back, with her big green eyes, as she massaged my balls and gently slid my cock back and forth between her soft pouty lips. "Oh god, you're too fucking sexy," I gasped. Her eyes beamed. "Mmmm," she moaned, for my benefit, as she sank her mouth over my raging hard-on.I looked back at the beach couple and Brandy started to increase her pace. My excitement grew when I realized that they were picking up to leave. As I felt my dick glide quickly over Brandy's tongue and deep into her wet mouth, the woman looked up at me. I glanced down, opened the cooler and quickly pretended to be looking for something. Then I looked down only to see Brandy staring up at me. Her soft full lips encircling just the tip of my dick, her left hand was still massaging my balls, and her right hand was jerking me off into your mouth; her eyes overflowed with confidence, sexual desire and carnal delight.I looked back up, over the top of the cooler, to keep from coming in Brandy's mouth. The woman had gone back to packing up her stuff. Meanwhile, Brandy started to make sexy slurping noises as she pushed her head up and down my dick. As the woman on the beach picked up her bag, she looked up and made eye contact with me, again. This time, I held her glance, while Brandy continued her world-class blowjob. When she smiled at me, I felt myself start come. I quickly pulled out of Brandy's mouth and tightened my Kegel muscle as the couple started to walk away.Brandy thrust her tongue under the head of my cock as a small amount of semen started to drip out. "Is that all I get," she teased, and then sucked my head clean. "They're leaving," I explained.Brandy spun around to look for herself. She then peaked out from our little alcove and scanned the beach. Her smile told me there was no one else around.Brandy and I made out for about 10 minutes before I wiggled my way down, back between her legs. She put her feet back on my shoulders and I began to lick her pussy again. It was still dripping wet; she started to moan right a way. This time we could really go at it. I put my hands on the back of her legs, behind her knees, and started to rock her back and forth, causing my tongue to roll up and down the length of her slot. Before long, her moans turned to screams of pleasure. With her climax rapidly approaching, Brandy pushed me back. Without a word, she turned around and got on all fours. She looked over her shoulder at me. Then she rocked back and swayed from side to side in anticipation. I scooted up to her, just behind her round delicious ass, and set my hand on her right hip. With my touch, she lowered her shoulders, arched her back a bit more, and pushed out her ass. I leaned forward, and slowly eased my dick into Brandy's pussy. It slid in much easier than usual. And she felt incredible. When my entire cock disappeared inside her, with the first push, I felt a wonderful stirring in my balls. I clamped both hands around Brandy's waist, knowing that if she started to push back and grind against me, I would explode.Once I regained my composure, I slowly pushed into Brandy and pulled her hips tightly against my waist. Then, I eased all the way back out and paused. When I penetrated her for the second time and slid deep inside her pussy, she gasped. Slowly, I pulled back and watched as all but the tip of my dick slid out and then pushed all the way back in. After a long sexy moan, she reached behind me and grabbed the back of my thigh. With each thrust, Brandy pulled me deep inside her and groaned loudly. When I picked up the pace, she started to buck back against me until her round sexy ass slapped up against my thighs. "Oh yes! Give it to me, James. I've been aching for your cock all weekend," she yelled.I continued to push harder into her. Each time I spanked against Brandy's hips, my balls hit the top of her pussy. Her moans grew loader and her hair flew about as she tossed her head forward and then back. My cock was throbbing inside her. Brandy started to buck wildly. "Oh yes! Fuck me, James, fuck me!" she yelled. After a few more minutes of pure ecstasy, Brandy dropped to her elbows and looked back at me. Her face was flushed and her eyes were overflowing with lust. I pushed into her. "Oh go so deep," she cried, as I grinded against her ass.Soon, Brandy reached back for my hands. I grabbed both her wrists and pulled until I was deep inside her and she was almost sitting upright. She reached for the back of my thighs and then started to grind her ass against me. I untied the back of her bikini top, slid my hands around her waist and then up over her breasts. I fondled her nipples as she worked herself up and down my cock. She turned her head over her shoulder. We kissed passionately as we continued to fuck.My right hand slowly moved down her stomach, through her landing strip and over clit. "Oh, god," she gasped as I began to massage her love button. With her hands still hooked around my thighs, Brandy leaned forward until her arms went straight, allowing me to push deeper into her. She started to bounce recklessly on top of me.As Brandy started to loose control, she fell back down to her hands, and then to her forearms and elbows. Her back was sloped like a ski jump, her perfect round ass sat high in the air, right in front of me. As I continued to slide my cock in and out of Brandy's sweet little pussy, her body started to cajole and shutter. With a few more thrusts, her whole body was shaking; Brandy screamed for me to fuck her. Finally, she erupted into orgasm. Her body spasmed for 15 seconds, as she came hard all over my dick.When Brandy recovered, it was obvious that she was even more turned on than when we started. She got on her knees and started to give me head again. It was a really wet blowjob; it felt incredible. I was turned on even more by the loud slurping noises that I could hear over my own moans. My dick was throbbing; I'd been so close so many times today, it needed to be released. When I looked down, Brandy gave me a seductive smile, and then continued to suck my dick, this time even more aggressively. She drove me closer and closer to orgasm. All of a sudden she paused. Looking up at me, she asked: "do you want to come in my mouth, or do you want to fuck me again.""Actually, I want you to fuck me; I want to watch you slide your sexy body up and down my pole," I answered.Brandy pulled me down to the blanket and straddled me. With a sexy look in her eye, she grabbed the base of my shaft and rubbed my dick head against her pussy. Slowly, she eased down on me, rocking her hips back and forth until I was all the way inside her. She arched her back, pushing out her breasts, as she began to slide up and down. "Oh god, yes! I love your cock," she yelled, as she fucked me.Brandy looked even hotter than she felt; she looked like a goddess bouncing up and down on my rod. I caressed her nipples and watched my dick disappear as she skillfully slid down around it; then I watched it re-appear when she raised her sexy hips off me. I wanted to erupt inside of her. As our pace quickened, she became loader and loader. Then she leaned forward, putting her hands on the ground to either side of my shoulders. "Oh god," I moaned, as she began to grind back and forth between every up and down. The sensation was incredible.I reached behind her and spread my hands across Brandy's ass ? the flesh of her perfectly round cheeks spilled over my fingers. I squeezed as she moved her pussy up and down my shaft and continued to grind against my hips. Soon she was bucking like a sexy cowgirl and screaming with delight. "Oh god, your hot, I'm going to come soon," I said. Just then, Brandy started to thrash wildly. Soon she was screaming: "Oh, oh, oh god, I'm going to come." Then her body began to quiver and shake. She threw her head back as she continued to slide up and down my cock. I felt that wonderful stirring feeling in my balls, then up my dick. Brandy's body began to spasm as I shot stream after stream of my warm creamy filling into her sexy pussy. We both came hard and collapsed in each other's arms.
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