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sons new girlfriend

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sons new girlfriendTotally out of the blue my son rung me up and suggested that we aii go out for dinner.He went on to say that he had a new girlfriend and was it alright for him to bring her down with him, of course we said yes.and so a couple of hours later they arrived and we met Tash for the first time.Tash was'nt paticulary pretty but she did look very nice in the skirt and blouse that she was wearing.i poured all of us a drink which was soon followed by another one.Susan had already had a few drinks and by the time we were ready to go out for she was beginning to look slightly the worse for wear.we went for a meal at a thai restaurant that we liked and had a very nice meal, washed down with plenty of the time we had finished our meal susan was very drunk, and for that matter so was Tash. we went on to have a few more drinks that is all except my son who was on call for his work.I had just ordered another drink when his bleeper went of and after looking at it he told us that he had been called in to work.At this Tash got quite upset and said that she didnt want to go home yet.i immeadiately suggested that she could stay at our place. my son told her that he didnt mind and that he would pick her up the following day.with that my so left and after paying the bill i suggested that we went wife Susan was very drunk but managed to say in a drunken voice that it would be fine to for us to go home.i got the drunken women home indoors, and suggested to shaz that she put a robe on while i made us a coffee. Susan staggered upstairs and i heard her wodrobe doors opening and closing. after a few minutes i could not hear susan upstairs. i took mine and tash's coffee in.I then went upstairs and found Susan fast asleep on the bed, and she had managed to put her robe on before she fell asleep.At this point i decieded that i would try to have some fun. Susan was lying on her back, so i gently pulled her robe apart so as her tits and pussy were on full display. I then pulled oped the drawer of her bedside table and reaching in, i pulled out one of Susans vibrators and placed it on the bedside table in full viewin a fairly loud voice i told Susan that her coffee was downstairs, Susan never even stirred.going downstairs i said to Tash that Susan had fallen asleep but would be down in a minute.At this Tash laughed and said that Susan was a lightweight.We sat there drinking our coffee and after about five minutes i said To Tash that i was going to the toilet and would she mind going upstairs and making sure that Susan was awake.Tash said she would and went upstairs. i pretended to go to the toilet and called up to Tash Is he awake? Tash replied that she was and was about to come down.Tash came downstairs and we sat there chatting.I kept yawning and eventually pretended to go to sleep.Tash called me a couple of times and i continued to pretend to be asleep.I heard Tash get up and quietly go upstairs, i left it for ten minutes then began to slowly creep up the stairs. I got outside our bedroom door which was half open and to my pleasure i could see Tash stroking Susan's naked body, she was kissing Susan's tits and then moved her hand towards Susan's cunt.She began to finger Susans cunt, then looking to one side she spotted the vibrator that i had placed no time at all the vibrator was sliding in and out of Susan's cunt.I continued to watch as Tash Fucked Susans cunt with the vibrator for probably about five minutes.I then pushed the door fully open and shouted at Tash What the hell do you think you are doing to my wife.Tash nearly jumped out of her skin, and began to sob and say how sorry she was.I told her that i was disgusted with her behaviour and that i was going to tell my son how i had caught her abusing his mother.At this she really began to cry and pleaded with me not to tell my son and that she would do anything to stop me from destroying her relationship.I pretended to give her suggestion some thought and then said that the only thing that she could do would for her to submit to a good spanking.The look of horror on her face was a picture, she knew that she had no option but to allow me to spank her, with tears running down her face she stuttered that she would take her spanking, but went on to beg me not to hurt her.I told her that it would not hurt a great deal, and went on to tell her to remove all of her cloths.The look she gave me was pitiful, and i shouted at her to strip NOW.Tash slowly removed her cloths and eventually she was stark naked in front of me.I think Tash was about twenty six, and she had a body to die for.I sat down on the edge of the bed and told her to get over my knee. this she did and i then began to spank her naked arss as hard as i could.she was really crying out in pain and begging me to stop. To which i snarled that she had plenty more to come. and continued to spank her. once the cheeks of her arss had turned a deep crimson, i then began between each spank to slide my fingers over her cunt, until eventually i was roughly fingering her shaven cunt.I continued to spank and finger her for a few more minutes, then i told her to get on her hands and knees between Susans legs and lick her cunt.this she seemed to do very eagerly, and seemed intent on making Susans cunt as wet as possible.I positioned myself behind her and with one smooth easy stroke i filled her cunt with my hard cock. At the same time i told her to continue licking Susans cunt,I have got to admit i came far to quickly, but her cunt seemed to be absolutely perfect as it gripped my cock on each outward stroke.I filled her cunt with my cum, and on pulling it out of her i told her to lick my cock clean, and then her punishment would be finished
04-07-2021, at 10:48 AM

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