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Another Sunday Morning

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Another Sunday MorningOnce again, thanks to brian34After a particularly rousing session the night before, we both awake lazily on Sunday morning. I make breakfast and take it out to the screened in patio, while you?re still stretching out in the bed. When you finally come outside, wrapped in a spare robe of mine and boxers, you see me in one of the chairs, feet propped up on the ottoman, reading a book and sipping coffee. You join in the chair next to me, separated by the small table. After a bit, you see my empty empty cup, and my eyes tracing along the words in the book. You push the table out of the way, and pull your chair right next to mine. Your left arm extending behind me, your large hand on the back of my neck, tickling just under my hair. Looking at you from the corner of my eyes, I see the smirk on your face as you start to undo the robe. Legs spread wide, your bulge pushing at your boxers. I balance my book against the pillow on my stomach with one hand, and my right hand reaches over. Fingers splayed out first on your chest; caressing your sternum and pectorals, then making my way down to your center. I fondle your swelling sex over your boxers. Your hand massaging the back of my neck and parts of my shoulder. You wriggle just a bit to get your head pushing through the opening. I cone my fingers over your tip. Twisting just a bit, a deep moan finally escapes your lips. I look over and see your eyes shut, and your right hand clutching the edge of chair. I push my fingers down, fully exposing your shaft and sack. Fabric bunching at the base of you. You open your eyes and look over at me, but I am still engrossed in my book. Your thumb running into my hair at the base of my neck, I squirm and push back into you a bit. Turning the page, I run your dick between my knuckles; twisting my hand as I go up and down. Slow, fast fast, slow?.repeatedly. At one point I pull my hand away, and you watch as I lick my palm. Coming back to you, my warm wet saliva on your stick I grip you whole. A breeze from the trees and my ministrations have you shiver. You slip down just a bit in the chair, opening yourself wider, but you wrap the robe around you, trapping my hand and arm against you.I move my hand faster. Pulling up, running my thumb over your slit, turning my hand over, pushing back down your cock, and twisting my hand around to repeat the process over and over as you sit pressed into the chair. After about 20 minutes you put your hand over mine just as my thumb presses into the skin at the base of your cock, and my fingers tickle your sack. You hold me still for a few beats as I look over and watch you catching your breath. You slowly rub my shoulders and then look over at me. You intertwine your fingers with mine and move my hand over your dick. Slow stroking, showing me just how you like it, where to squeeze, where to twist. Mouths open as we both pant a bit, you much more than I. Your hips writhe as you struggle to keep from flying off the handle, eyes boring into me, as you watch me study how you react to each motion of my hand. The forgotten book tossed to the side.Another breeze passes into the porch, and you almost growl. Leaning into me, your hand pulling my closer, mouth on my ear ?Get?Inside?Now!? You release my hand and neck. Hearing your Daddy voice I stroke you twice more, then release your dick with a tap to the underside. I stand up and walk into the sitting room. You take a beat or two to catch your breath, then heave yourself out of the chair. You come inside, already disrobed and pushing your boxers down. You eye me up against the large plush chair with winged arms. I?m lined up on the left side, parallel to the arm. My hands on the edge, and arched just a bit, facing the wall with the mirror.You come up to me soundlessly, pushing down my pajama pants to just under my ass, aim your throbbing cock at my hole and thrust deep inside. I?m warm with excitement, and a bit raw from the night before. Slightly gaped, but wet from the play outside. You heave so hard into me I would have fallen over if not for you right hand on my stomach under my shirt and left hand on my throat, holding me against you. Thrusting harder and harder with each pump as my closed legs and round ass fit perfectly under you. No words, just grunts and moans as you mount me against the chair. The rivets in the arm pressing against my mound. Your feet flat on the wooden floor giving you leverage to propel you inside. You hammer away. Mouth covering my ear, hot breath spreading on me, forehead pushing into my temple. My hands reaching up to your wrists, holding on for dear life as you pulverize me. You lean forward as your hips slam harder and harder; retribution for me and pleasure for you after the morning tease I supplied. You lean us forward, hands gripping tighter on me, pushing up my shirt as my tits hang and swinging with every thrust. You turn my head so we can both look up into the mirror as watch as I give myself to Daddy, and you take your Baby Girl. My glasses slipping just slightly down my nose as I?m rammed into the chair, your dick throbbing inside me, balls pulsating with need.You still your hips, and breathe deeply; watching and feeling me struggle a bit under you. You release my throat and stomach, and peel off my shirt. You then push me flat to the arm of the chair, pulling my tits to either side. You pull my head up, so my chin is on the chair and I can continue to watch in the mirror with you. Your hands on my shoulders, holding me down, you raise your right foot on to the seat of chair, and smile in the mirror. I barely have time to register the new position before you begin your assault on my cunt. I reach forward gripping the back of the chair to hold me in place as you dig your dick inside my pussy. I thrash a bit under you, but that just has you ram inside me harder. Both grunting deeply and wildly you mash your dick against my cervix, trying to push through as my orgasm coats your cock in cum. Even more lube to have you sliding around inside me.Feeling my tense body under you, you lean forward, arms slipping under mine, hands gripped on my shoulder, mouth at the top of my spine, you start to jack hammer into me. Warm fleshy ass squished against your hips and groin. Over and over and over you take me. I can feel your stomach constrict against my back as you delve deeper into me. Body raked with tremors as you final groan deeply and shake against me. A moment later I can feel my insides stretched a bit more as it?s filled, and sticky gooey cum starts to leak out. You shudder against my back, and I turn my head, smiling. You kiss my jaw, and find my lips. Holding us against the arm of the chair as we both sink into it, you quiver slightly as I wiggle under you, trying to get comfortable with the rivets scratching against me. Cum coated body parts. ?Good morning princess.? ?Morning Daddy.?
04-15-2021, at 09:37 AM

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